Friday, March 28, 2008

By way of introduction

Your humble blog host is Peter Werner, of Bay Area mycological "fame" (such as it is). The scope of this blog will be about my three favorite "M's" – mycology, microscopy, and macrophotography, but branching out into plants, insects, and other areas of natural history, as well as biological photography and imaging, and environmental topics as I see fit.

I'll probably blog and post images intermittently at first, but if this blog proves to have a readership, I'll try and make it more active.

Bay Area Microscope Service and Repair

I searched around the web and was surprised to find that there was no handy list of such services locally. Hence, I've put together one here based on individual hits I got with more thorough google searches. With most, I simply link to their web page, except for B&B, which doesn't have a page. There's a large concentration of such services around Silicon Valley, not surprisingly, but only one that I know of close to San Francisco. If there are any I've left off the list, please let me know (particularly ones that are oriented toward servicing old scopes owned by individuals).

The list:

Silicon Valley:
Scotts Valley:
I'm going to get some preventative maintenance and fine tuning of my scope done pretty soon. I'll post here about who I decide to go with and what the results were.